Friday, March 22, 2013

Fox Love {Gather}

Of all the woodland creatures, I'm pretty sure foxes are my favorite. I want all the foxes. 

Actually my whole family is going a little fox crazy at  the moment. We've gathered the MOTHERLOAD of fox-themed products and each shared some of our favorites on our own blogs. See more foxy goodness at my mom's blog and EVEN MORE at my sister's blog. You're welcome fox lovers, you're welcome.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Over the weekend.

Over the weekend we had a girls day in the sweet little town of Snohomish with my mom, sister and grandma. It was a glorious, sunny day! We had lunch and walked around all the adorable shops. So many cute stores! We'll definitely be back.

Then we went to Anthropologie where my mom decided she needed this fox. We talked her out of him and into some clothes instead, but I won't be surprised if he shows up at her house anyway. She was a little bit obsessed and carried him around like a baby for awhile. It was slightly embarrassing.

Also, can I have this bed? I've said it once and I'll say it again, Anthro bedding is always a dream.

After Anthro we had dinner and margaritas. The perfect ending to our girl's day.

On Sunday after church we set up a festive little spring brunch (more photos here!).

Oh, and Jack was there too...

And then on Sunday night my sister and I ferried back to Seattle! Weekend=success!

Friday, March 8, 2013

snippets of this life. lately.

//My sister and I have been on a quest to find new coffee shops that are good for working at. Fresh Flours = success.

//Jack lounging at my mom's.

//Egyptian Ratscrew.

//Little brother=not so little. He's already passed my mom and sister in height. I'm next!

//Speaking of my brother, he has the cutest book. The cover itself makes me want to read it and I know nothing about it. I might steal it. And my moms succulent, well, I might steal that too.

 //Perks of going home on the weekend: dads who bring you breakfast and coffee in bed.

//Lance and I house-sat again this week. I cannot even describe how crucial he was to keeping me sane and the kids happy. Glad I picked someone who children seem to adore...

//The beginnings of some delicious enchiladas. 

//Go purchase this. Like, now.

H    A    P    P    Y    W    E    E    K    E    N    D

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


There comes a time every year in the Pacific Northwest where the sun decides to show up every so often. I'm often asked how I survive with the "awful" weather here. While I always honestly answer that I love it, after months of what seems like endless gray and drizzle, there is something truly magical and exciting about those early signs of impending sunshine...

Monday, March 4, 2013


Just the usual Instagrams featuring a lot coffee and food. I like coffee. And food. And Instagram...

Also, I completely spur of the moment started redesigning my blog and then ran out of time to finish it. Typical. So please ignore anything that looks crazy or is not working properly!

my instagram username: @kynoelle

Friday, March 1, 2013

What 25 Feels Like

On Wednesday I turned 25. Twenty-five, two-five, 25. No matter how many times or ways I say it/write it, it doesn't feel real. I still remember when any age with a two in front of it sounded ancient. And now I'm on the down slope to an age with a THREE in front of it?!

I thought people were supposed to have life figured out by this age. Little did I know, there was such a thing as a "quarter-life crisis". I'm pretty sure I'm having one. Right on schedule. My head is spinning and there's often a paralyzing fear that I'm not meeting everyone else's opinions about what I should or should not be doing at this point in my life. Sometimes I get so worried about the expectations of others that I forget to evaluate whether or not I'm meeting the expectations I have for myself. Am I making the best decisions for me? Am I fulfilled and leading a purposeful life? 

When I step back and take peer pressure out of the equation, I breathe a sigh of relief because I feel good about where I'm at and where I'm headed. That's not to say that I have everything figured out, but I'm okay with a little unknown. I just need to keep reminding myself of that and stop having those momentary quarter-life freak outs. :)

ANYWAY, my actual day of birth was lovely and calm. No age-related freak-outs (mostly thanks to my sweet husband and his omniscient ways!). He planned a day that was just what I needed, taking the day off of work and surprising me with breakfast in bed and some beautiful roses. 

In the afternoon we went for a walk at Gasworks Park. It started raining and so we ventured over to get gelato from our favorite place, which we had been avoiding since July after we took the gelato-love a little too far over the summer... I predict we won't make it seven days now that we've re-experienced it! 

Oh, and as if the day hadn't been enough already, we ended it at a fancy schmancy restaurant. What I thought was going to be a boring run-of-the-mill Wednesday, turned out to be pretty special thanks to that guy I married. I'm a little bit spoiled. ;)

So, thanks Hubby! It was fun!