Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lately. Mostly nothing. Just Lately.

A few photos that were hanging out on my phone from the last couple of weeks...

//We date sometimes because we're in love.//

//I accidentally went on a shopping spree when I had to vacate my apartment for fire alarm testing. Along those lines, is there a magical age when you are no longer allowed to shop at Forever 21? I hope not.//

//Coffee is even more delicious when made in my mom's new kitchen.//

//He's comfortable.//

//This past weekend we reorganized my mom's pantry and I'm in love with it. Anything well-organized is my weakness. Blog post coming soon!//

//Pretty skies and an awkward selfie. The usual.//

//In case you didn't realize, Valentine's day is upon us, so we made a garland and decorated my mom's mantel.//

//Boots with the fur, sweatpants, the bachelor and a glass of wine are an alright way to end a long day.//

//Why yes, my desktop is always that cluttered, thanks for asking.//

//Fun with play-dough at church.//

//It rains here. A lot.//

//A major reason for my busy days and lack of blog posts lately is that I have been working on redesigning and reorganizing The Inspired Room blog. It's *mostly* done with only a few things that aren't quite right that we are waiting for someone to work out. Hopefully it's way easier to navigate now! Check it out here.//


Kelley Gilster said...

i hope there is no age limit for F21.. ;-) your pup is cute


Loved this post! Girl, if there's an age limit where we can't shop at f21 anymore...Lord help me idk what I will do! haha Awkward selfies are my lifeee.

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Brittany Kyte said...

Um, you're stinking adorable! And please do post about organizing your mom's pantry. Love!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

ahhh i love all of these pictures lady!


helen said...

I'm in love with Jack and the pantry. Cant wait to read more about it :)