Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012!

Happy New Year's Eve! We began the last day of 2012 with a beautiful sunrise for our ride to work. How are you spending your evening? Fancy parties? Club-hoppin'? Or will you spend it more low-key? Asleep by 10 perhaps? Last year we partied hard so this year we thought we'd ring in the New Year with a low key night at our place with friends.

This is so cliched...but, honestly, this year FLEW by. I started out 2012 slightly apprehensive about where life would take us this year. We were  just beginning a new chapter of life as non-students, school debt started rolling in, and we honestly had no idea where exactly we were headed. It was a little scary, but also felt amazing to both be out of school. We spent our whole married life as students and we actually loved going through it together, but it definitely came with it's challenges and stresses.

The first half of 2012 was pretty laid-back and we were totally celebrating our freedom. We went out a lot, I  blogged  frequently, and we watched way too much Netflix... It was nice. For a time. But our work schedules were completely random and tricky to coordinate with only one car and we definitely weren't working enough. So we got serious and decided that the time had come for Lance to find a real  job. Lance first because he had more direction than me and also to determine where we would live (because moving was definitely an option) and then I would follow and figure things out once we knew where we would be.

And then, suddenly, everything started falling perfectly into place. Lance, who was working at an ice cream shop, randomly connected with a customer, which led to him getting a job interview. And then a job! A real job! With full-time hours and benefits! We were ecstatic. He hadn't even seriously started looking yet and was completely prepared for a long process of submitting resumes and going to interviews. But, incredibly, this kind of fell into his lap and it just so happened to be perfect for him.

Right after all that, I connected with another family who needed a nanny and also started working more hours for The Inspired Room. Suddenly we were both working 40-hour weeks. It happened so fast and the second half of this year has been a blur of settling into life and learning to be functioning adults.

I've rather enjoyed this year. In 2012 I learned a lot about myself and know that I grew up a lot. I feel like a completely different person (for the better!) than I was in 2011. This has by far been our best and most favorite year as a married couple. Thinking back on our days as silly teenagers, daydreaming about what life would be like if we got married, things are pretty much how we envisioned--only way better! It's nice to be on this life-ride with someone, especially your best friend. I am so lucky to be with someone who compliments me so well. Sometimes I feel I don't deserve him and his positivity, never-ending kindness, and abundant grace on all my short-comings. Honestly, I married a gem. Okay, enough gushing...

Goodbye 2012, you wonderful year, you! And cheers to 2013 and all that it will bring!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas at the Coast

We've been all over Oregon the past several days celebrating Christmas with all our family and friends!  A couple of those days were spent with my mom's side of the family at my grandparent's house on the Oregon coast. We were so glad that we got to spend some time there as the house is for sale and every time we have visited in the last year we have thought to be our last. This time, however, likely really will be the final visit. Bittersweet as we are happy that the house is (fingers crossed!) finally selling, but sad to see the place of so many childhood memories (and our wedding reception!) go. 
It was a grand old time of togetherness. There were late night games of extreme hide & seek,  Charlie Brown was watched, naps were taken, gifts were exchanged, and much wining & dining occurred. We even have a new member of the family, Luna. She is my aunt's sweet puppy. Jack's not so sure how he feels about her yet but I am sure they will eventually be the best of friends. 

And please check out the gloriousness below that is Sesame and LiliesAnd that festive polar bear? I'm a little bit obsessed with him. Such a regal fellow and such a drool-worthy store. It's definitely a must visit if you are ever in Cannon Beach, Oregon. 

I hope you all had wonderful holidays free of any kitchen catastrophes or family drama (other than the charades kind!)!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cheers to healthy weekends.

Hello! Oh my goodness has this whole month been unfortunate. I was repeatedly hit with sickness, which caused me to get quite behind on my regular routines. I hate being confined to bed when I know I have things that I should be doing.

This left laundry and dishes piled high, Christmas shopping not done, holiday parties missed, and a half-decorated-for-Christmas apartment. So, this weekend while we were both (momentarily) healthy we kicked into gear with a cleaning frenzy, tackled our long list of errands, visited friends for a game night and live nativity, faced the crowds (twice!) for some Christmas shopping, and I even baked (yes, I baked!) some muffins. Piling so many outings into one weekend was Lance's worst nightmare, but he survived thanks to some Thai food. Thai Tom makes anything bearable.

And then today Lance wakes up hit hard with icky illness, probably thanks to me, meaning we will miss yet another get-together tonight. Hopefully he gets well before Friday when we head to Portland for some Christmas madness which will surely make up for the things we have missed already this month.

And now for some photos from last weekend...






Also, looming over us all weekend was an overwhelming sense of sadness and anger over the Sandy Hook shooting. We may not have children of our own, but we do have so many important little ones in our lives and cannot imagine losing them, especially in such a horrific way. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families as we cannot even begin to understand what they are going through. Amid this tragedy we both hope for change that will serve to better protect our schools from such in the future.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Insta-Scrapbook {plus a delicious mac 'n cheese}

We pretty much had the best weekend in a long time. All we did was relax and decorate for Christmas. It was SO great just to hang out together at home and get things festive. It had been awhile since I'd had a moment to breath. Also, that Macaroni? THE BEST. I used this recipe for White Cheddar Mac with Bacon and Kale. Still dreaming about it.

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