Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Here are a few of our favorite scary movies. Not included: Hitchcock. We love anything Hitchcock--especially Psycho, Vertigo and the Birds. As much as we may like scary movies, we haven't branched out much so none of our faves are terribly original. Now, don't get mad at me for including the Saw series. I get it--it's terrible and violent and gross. I don't like the gore and close my eyes through most of it. BUT, it does have a great story. It's not just a "slasher". I love movies with twists and turns and dramatic, shocking endings. Plus it was interesting after each movie to theorize about what was going on. It was, for the most part, quite well-written.

So, yes, I love scary things. Scary movies, Stephen King books, haunted houses... [Evidence: this last Valentine's Day we had dinner at home and watched Paranormal Activity. So romantic, I know.]

I blame my dad for his elaborate scary pranks on me as a child. You know, the usual things you do to children like jumping out of closets in frightening masks or making our basement into a creepy haunted room for me and my friends to walk through (it's a wonder I had any friends).

Another reason I'm surprised I had any friends (no, unfortunately this was not Halloween and I was not intentionally dressed as a vampire. and, no, I don't know why I am voluntarily sharing this photo):

Yikes. Moving on...

When I met Lance he definitely was not a fan of scary anything. He was afraid of my dog. No, not Jack... He was scared of little baby Winston (the Westie). The first time I forced him to watch a scary movie he nearly died and probably didn't sleep for weeks. Since then, I have desensitized him to all that is frightening in the world (not sure if this is a good thing) and he now tricks (tricks, I say!) all who come to our house into watching scary movies! Even if they say no! He's such a good friend. Don't you all want to come over now? (those who came to our house last Friday and were subject to Lance's choice of movie suddenly have plans every weekend for the next year...)

Okay, your thoughts. 
Do you like scary movies? 
Or do you think people who do are crazy (I won't be mad)? 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

weekend snapshots

Hello! Just stopping in to share a few snapshots from the weekend. I spent most of it with my family celebrating October birthdays with wonderful things like huckleberry lemonade(!). And, of course, sharing plenty of snuggles with Jack and admiring obsessing over the beautiful autumn leaves.

In other news, it's getting pretty chilly around here and Lance and I are doing our usual avoiding of turning on the heat for as long as possible. We'll see how long that lasts...


Friday, October 19, 2012

bedtimes exist for a reason

Okay, so as I finished this post I realized it was the most pointless story ever. So read at your own risk! I thought maybe I was feeling less sleep deprived today but after writing this and rambling on about something so mundane, I think I may still be recovering... Enjoy. Or not. Your call. 

Yesterday was a bad day. My true grandmahood revealed itself in the worst of ways. Gone are the days when I could stay up until the wee hours of the night and still function as a normal human being the next day. Any less than 8 hours=death.

Here's what happened...


8:15 pm: Lance and I go to Blue Moon with Courtney for half-off burgers.

9:15 pm: We leave Blue Moon and head to Fred Meyer to pick up a couple of essentials (you know things like toilet paper, light bulbs and whatever snacks husband happened to pick up along the way.) All the while I'm exhausted and dreaming of resting my head upon my soft pillow and drifting off to sleepland.

10:00 pm: Leaving the store and my dreams of sleep are becoming even more tangible as I know we are but minutes away from my heavenly bed.

10:05 pm: Lance suddenly makes an abrupt turn the opposite direction of where we are supposed to be heading.

So, I, of course, ask him (in as patronizing of a tone as possible) where on earth he thinks we are going?! And with a twinkle in his eye he tells me that he's craving a pina colada and so is taking me out for happy hour! Oh the joy in that man's heart to be surprising me with such a gesture. And the sinking feeling in mine...

My control-freak, hater-of-spontaneity mind is silently screaming "Noooooooo! This wasn't part of the plan!! You want to be in bed!!".

But my kind, husband-loving self audibly said, "Sounds great!".

10:20 pm: Arrive at La Isla.

As expected, we are among about five other weirdos who go out this late in the middle of the week. There was no music playing either so it was eerily quiet. We literally had to whisper sometimes without feeling like we were broadcasting our conversation to the entirety of the restaurant. Also, the waiter accused us of wearing fake wedding rings to trick him into believing we were twenty-one (since you can't get married before twenty-one?!).

But that's fine. It was nice. Just like old times before we became elderly early to bed, early to rise...happy, wealthy, wise kind of people (on a typical day Mr. One-hundred Dollar Bill would be so proud of us).

11:45 pm: Finally arrive home.

12:30 am: Head to pillow and to sleep simultaneously.

6:30 am: Alarm. Death.

7:00 am: Dragged from bed by husband. No time to get ready. I look awesome.

7:20 am: Arrive at Whole Foods so Lance can pick up something to bring to work for lunch. My zombie-self orders a bagel and a double pumpkin spice latte in the hopes that it will launch me from my catatonic state.

7:50 am: Drops Lance off at work.

8:10 am: My flimsy limbs drop bagel, cream cheese side down onto the ground.

8:11 am: Expletives were shouted.

9:00 am: Arrive at work. Still a zombie.

9:00-3:00: Changed diapers, wiped snotty noses, kissed owies, enthusiastically played Chutes and Ladders and created fantastic Lego cities despite half of my brain being asleep.

3:15 pm: Feel like death still. Google teaches me that espresso actually has LESS caffeine than a cup of regular old cup of coffee so I have, in fact, had LESS caffeine than usual.  

4:30 pm: Work round two. Had planned on making a cup of coffee round two before leaving but completely forgot.

5:30 pm: Major tantrums were had (not by me, but by the little ones). My first response is to wonder why they are acting like children. Oh, wait, because they ARE children.

6:45 pm: Can't carry cohesive conversations with employer. When asked how the kids were I say something along the lines of  "I'm doing great, how are you?!".

Okay, maybe that's just typical awkward me. But I'll take any excuse I can get.

7:00 pm: Arrive home and make chili and cornbread for dinner.

8:00 pm: Sleep deprived brain malfunctions cause bad measurements to be made and thus ruining the cornbread. Two whole pans worth (the plan was to have delicious leftovers for days).

8:01 pm: Tantrums were had (this time by me).

9:00 pm: Watched The Office in the hopes it would provide some comedic relief to my humorless day. It worked. A little.

9:30 pm: Got into bed and Lance turned on Top Gear. And as usual I drifted off to sleep to the sounds of Lamborghini engines roaring and the soothing voice of Jeremy Clarkson shouting "Powerrr!".

And that, my dear children, is why you never, ever go to bed after bedtime.  Pain and suffering will ensue.

If you read this far, kudos. I have no idea why... 

Cheers to Friday!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Discovery Park

This weekend we contemplated how much we adore where we live. We easily take part in the city life we love, while being just a stone's throw away from the magical mountains, forests, beaches and all around beauty that is the pacific northwest. The best part of Saturday's walk through Discovery Park was getting caught in a downpour. Even though there might be a moment or two come June that we yearn for the summer to begin, after a few weeks of sun we are ready for the fall again and all the rain that comes with it. I suppose that means we were destined for this city...


Friday, October 12, 2012


Happy Friday! I will spend most of this weekend working (boo!). But we do get to get out and have some fun with friends tonight. Hope you have a glorious weekend! 

lately in the land of instagram...

all photos from my instagram account
 username: kynoelle

(And since so many of you asked last time and I can't always figure out how to best respond...the writing on the photos is done in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


So apparently I've been blogging for a year now. It doesn't actually seem that long until I go look at old posts and see how much things have changed (and die from embarrassment that I put those things on the internet for all to see).

I feel like now is when people usually do something wild and crazy like a giveaway. But, no. No giveaway here today. I thought about actually responding to the 500 follower Q&A post I did forever ago. But, again, no.

Instead I will revisit an old tried and true posting technique which has brought me unimaginable amounts of pageviews over the past year. First, I tried it out here. Then again here. I know that most of you only read my blog because you were one of those who searched for this very thing and have been incredibly disappointed ever since. So today, once again, I bring you not one, not two, not three, but FOUR...dogs in sweaters:

You're welcome. I am considering dabbling in dog sweater knitting. Maybe for Jack? Speaking of which...Jack has had a secret blog for his whole life that no one knew about. Until now. Visit him here:

Monday, October 1, 2012

20 Little Things I Love About Fall

I'm linking my 20 little things up with The Inspired Room! You can participate too by creating your own list and linking up starting tonight at 7pm PST. I look forward to reading everyone's lists!


This weekend we...

  • had game night with friends
  • caught up on projects (hung a shelf, organized our life, fixed broken things)
  • ran errands
  • had our very first "budget meeting" in which we evaluated if we had succeeded in following budget for September (we did!)
  • indulged in pumpkin latte heaven
  • washed the car
  • had our own Oktoberfest celebration complete with bratwurst, sauerkraut, and hard pumpkin cider...
  • went grocery shopping
  • finished Sherlock season 2 (! Best finale EVER. So intense.)
  • watched an abundance of Top Gear

What did you do this weekend?

Here are some photos from our weekend all taken with my good old iphone!