Friday, November 16, 2012

hey hello hi

So I haven't had a moment to spare and update you all on my life over the past couple of weeks. But let me just say, I have some WONDERFUL news! Okay, that was cruel. I'm lying. I have no particularly riveting stories to share. I'm sorry. I guess I just wish I had some earth-shattering news, a revelation on life, or some juicy inside scoop to share.

But I've got nothing. All that I do have is a quick rundown on life lately and that will have to do for now...

-We took a quick and unexpected trip to see Lance's fam. It was a there-and-back kind of thing and we really wished we had more time to visit all of our other friends and loved ones!

-There was this one day where I watched some lady's car get swarmed by a flock of crazy crows. It was scary. Then they abandoned her car and decided to fly on over to MY car. Cue flashes of scenes from The Birds in my head. Luckily I avoided any and all incidents involving my eyes being pecked out as they decided to head elsewhere after a few minutes of stalking my car. Crisis averted.

-I've been working in many coffee shops lately and cannot emphasize enough how vital good internet and a multitude of outlets are. You would think that would be a given. But no.

-There may or may not have been some Christmas tree decorating going on (before Thanksgiving?!). But for good reason, I promise!

-Also, we had a pretty wonderful family brunch after church last Sunday complete with mimosas and "Puffs"(aka German pancakes).

-And that's ALL I've done. Okay, that's just all I photographed. I'm sure there was more. Here are some pictures to accompany the aforementioned events...

By the way, this is how I feel about "skinny" drinks at Starbucks:
They're gross. I don't like them. Never again. 

H    A    P    P    Y    W    E    E    K    E    N    D


Stephanie said...

Skinny drinks at Starbucks always surprise me. Just make the drink at home? is how I feel about it.
I had an experience with birds a few weeks back! Outside of a fast food place I had gone to with my bf a bunch of pigeons swarmed us and it was terrifying. We were able to race away without hurting any before they totally covered the hood of the car (still no idea why they did this) but, like you said, total The Birds moment.

Brittany LeSueur said...

Oh are not dead! Kidding! Glad you hear you are both doing good! You look beautiful as ever and I need that owl ornament so just mail me a few dozen please and thank you!

Kirsten said...

I've missed your blog! Just FYI. I enjoy it muchos much when you post!
And I hear ya on the skinny drinks.
Here's to full fat and sugar!!


k8te said...

haha totally agree about 'skinny drinks'...why not just skip a snack during the day to have a real drink? they have a weird diet taste to them, worst.

Mahrukh Hayyat said...

hey.... its wonderfull to read your post

Shawnee said...

gorgeous photos!! coffee is always a good idea. cute blog! xo

AlyciaMealy said...

great pictures! love your blog!