Friday, June 1, 2012

6 Months Down...

I can't believe we are already six months in to 2012! Craziness. Is the end of the world upon us? Given that half the year has already flown by, I thought this would be a good time to check in on how I've been doing on my 2012 goals... I'm kind of scared considering I haven't been thinking about them too much lately and I can't even remember what they are off the top of my head.

I'm going to exclude Lance from this check up since he's not here and I have no idea how his have been going. Although I wouldn't put it past me to evaluate him for myself, but I'll spare him my judgment. Okay, here goes....

Kylee's Resolutions:
1. Work out 3-5 times per week.
Psh. Fail. Of course "more exercise" is one of those mandatory resolutions, so I don't regret adding this to the list. But let's be honest, this just hasn't happened.

2. Make the bed every day.
This, however, has been a win! I shocked myself and have actually kept up on this one. I know, right?! Imaginary high fives all around.

3. Become best friends with my sewing machine.
We aren't really bffs yet, but I'm sure we will form a much closer bond by the end of the year!

4. Take more pictures. I make a terrible blogger because I never remember to whip out my camera and snap a picture of something. Plus I often miss capturing significant events that I will wish I could look back on in the future. 
I have definitely taken more pictures this year than I have in my entire life's years combined. I'm sure it's been overkill.

Our Resolutions Together:
1. Get out of the house more and explore Seattle.
Yes, we have traipsed all over this rainy city! Now we just can't wait for the summer sun to do some outdoor exploration.
2. Take a vacation together.
Nope, not yet!

3. Read in the Bible together every night. 
Eh, this went well for awhile and lately has taken a turn for the worst. But we are serious about doing better.

4. Make more couple friends in Seattle.
I wouldn't say we've made a lot of new friends, but have been making more efforts to spend time with ones we have! We are also now accepting applications for couple friends in the Seattle area as one of ours is leaving us soon! Must like sushi, mojitos, and scary movies. Possibly all at the same time. Terms negotiable if you're cool.


Kirsten Wiemer said...

ohhh great goals. i've been good about making the bed. i want to steal your goals if that is ok?


Elise said...

The cool thing about goals is that even if you only do it once, that's more than last year! Good job girl!

Elise said...

The cool thing about goals is that even if you only do it once, that's more than last year! Good job girl!

Kelley Spurlock said...

Girl it looks like you're rocking those goals. Who counts exercise anyway? If Rion and I lived in Seattle I would totally fill out an application.

Heather Marie said...

Congrats on making some of your resolutions... I have some that I need to a 6 month check up on ;) Keep up what you have started! :)

jamiedawn said...

making goals is such a great idea. and i love that you're doing 6 month goals! so smart!!

Jenny said...

We share many of the same resolutions. The workout thing never goes as planned.

Just found your blog! It's adorable--I'm excited to follow along!