Tuesday, May 15, 2012

500 follower Q + A!

Okay, you GUYS. There are 500 of you crazy people following on gfc! 500! Not to mention all you other non-gfc followers. Who even ARE all of you and why are you following me?! I'm kind of flabbergasted and I don't even think I comprehend that there are actually people reading the things I post. But, honestly, you readers are a huge part of what makes blogging so much fun! I have loved getting to know so many of you.

The truth is that sometimes I feel like I fail at connecting with you and probably have missed responding to countless questions or emails. And if so, please, please just pester me until I answer you, because my lack of response is completely unintentional. It's way too easy for an email or comment to get buried in my inbox and I really think I need a better system.

That being said, I wanted to celebrate reaching 500+ followers with a little Q+A sesh. But it's going to go two ways because I want to get to know you as much as I want you to get to know me.

First, I'd love for you to answer the following questions:
  1.  Are you a blogger or just a blog-reader?
  2.  What are some of your favorite blogs?
  3.  If you won an all expenses paid vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you choose to go and why?

Then, ask me anything you would like to know about me and I will answer them in an upcoming post! You can do this either in the comments or via email: kyleenoelleblog[at]gmail[dot]com.

Also, I've been meaning to make a FAQ page, so I'll just get that out of the way right now so you don't have to ask these ones:


Q. Did you design your blog yourself?
A. Yes, I designed the elements myself and then stumbled my way through getting them to actually appear on the blog!

Q. Do you offer any design services?
A. Some. Feel free to email me (kyleenoelleblog[at]gmail[dot]com) with what you are looking for and we can discuss rates and availability.

Q. What kind of camera do you use?
A. I have some lame Canon PowerShot or my iphone. Nothing fancy.

Q. What do you use to edit your photos?
A.  Mostly I use Photoshop or Instagram.

Q. How do you make your collages?
A. Picasa, Photoshop, or Polyvore.

Now ask away! xo


Jazmine said...

1. I'm a blogger.
2. Honestly I have to many of them and I just love reading each and every one I follow because each person is different and blogs about different things.
3. If I won in all expense paid vacation I would to go to Greece. It just looks so beautiful.

Questions for you:
1. Besides blogging what else do you like to do on your free time? read books? watch movies? go out?

Alyssa said...

Hi :)

1. I am a blogger. I started my blog sometime last year, but just recently started posting regularly. The blog world is so much fun! {alyssgrier.blogspot.com}

2. One of my favorite style blogs is: the daybook {http://www.thedaybookblog.com/} I also love Bits of Splendor {http://www.bitsofsplendor.com/}

3. If I won an all expense paid vacation I would go anywhere as long as it had a beautiful white sandy beach and turquoise water, maybe FIJI!

For you: where do you shop mostly for clothing?

Happy Tuesday :)

Elise said...

Hey Kylee,

You are so sweet! Congrats on 500 followers!!

1. I am a blogger. I love it.
2. I read so many blog. My favorites: vintageprettypearl.blogspot.com, kalanagknit.blogspot.com, and carissacarlton.blogspot.com
3. I want to win a vacation! I would go to bali. I have always wanted to go!

Questions for you:
What are some of your hobbies, besides knitting? What is your favorite cuisine? I know it's basic but I love knowing what people like eating, cooking and baking!
Best coffee shop in Seattle?

Anna said...

Congrats on 500! :)
1.I'm a blogger who also reads other blogs.
2.Favorites: bakerella.com and joythebaker.com. Those are the first two I read religiously.
3.Anywhere in the world makes me feel like I should pick somewhere crazy and exotic, but really I just want to go to hawaii. :)

Question for you: What is your go-to dinner recipe & dessert recipe? Does your husband have a favorite?

helen said...
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helen said...

1. I am a blog-reader. I started following your mom's blog and in one of her post she mentioned her daughters blog so I stared following you! I wish I was a blogger but my life is not as cool as yours :)

2.Favorites: thezerowastehome.com, 100daysofrealfood, and michaelanoelledesigns.blogspot.com

3. I would go to Australia because I would like to visit Hillsong Church and worship with Hillsong United :)

Rachel said...

Yay for 500 followers!
1 I am a blogger.
2.So many to name but here are highlights...RockStar Diaries,The DayBook,Life of Charmings.And I of course enjoy all of your lovely posts!Your pictures are always incredible!

3.ITALY!!!I am a sucker for history,romance and accents!

k8te said...

1. i started blogging semi recently..still trying to find 'my voice' as they say! :) http://peonyforyourthought.blogspot.com/

2. faves are: e tells tales, the daybook, nat the fat rat, girly notes, kendi everyday, love, ramsey.... and many many more :)

3. I'd love to do a Europe trip..Paris, London, Amsterdam!

What's your fave place to shop?

Sarah said...

Hi! Yay for 500. Ok...
1. I am a blogger AND blog reader
2. Some fav blogs are Rockstar Diaries (who doen'st love that one right? I feel so trendy lol), A Beautiful Mess, Bleubird Vintage, and Oh Happy Day
3. I'd go to London for my all expenses paid vacation

- Sarah

Jane said...

Cute blog! I guess I'm one of the newbies.


Cady said...

Congrats on 500!
1. I'm a blogger as well as a blog-reader :).
2. I read so many blogs each day, but my favorite "big ones" are probably Nat The Fat Rat, The Daybook, A Cup of Jo, and Rockstar Diaries.
3. If I won an all expense paid vacation, I'd probably choose to go to Australia, because I don't think I'd ever make it there otherwise :).


Janette said...

First of all.. CONGRATS!!!!!!! You have such a happy blog! I love it!

Answers to your Q's:
1. Blogger
2. Um.. Gosh. There are tons. Hudson's Happenings, Amylouwho, A Brilliant Melody, Gentri Lee, Lalalovely.. I could go on and on...
3. Bora bora or Fiji.. Somewhere where I could stay in an overwater bungalow!I've always wanted to do that!

Now your Q's!
WHY ARE YOU SO STINKIN' COOL? and 2, What's your least favorite thing about blogging?


Janette, the Jongleur

Jenn @ PSP said...

First off, congrats : ) Way to go with the 500+!

1. Blogger : )

2. The Daybook, Sweet Verbena, Kendi Everyday, I Still Love You, Cotten and Curls...just a few

3. Italy! Go back to my roots : )

Heather Marie said...

1. I am a blogger or a small blog :)
2 favorite blogs day book, young married chic, and eighteen25
3. I would love to travel to Southern France and learn more about it's cooking culture.

Sini said...

Hello! And congrats, this is awesome!

I'm quite new follower, I found your blog and loved it immediately.

1. I'm a blogger and read many blogs too
2. My favourites are Rockstar diaries, old Aurajoon blog, Cakies, A Snapshot life.. List is endless.
3. A paid vacation? Anywhere outside of Europe! I would love to make a roadtrip in the USA, or go to surf in Bali!

Sini said...

Oh my question was that, as you have such a cool style, could you give tips and advice how to find own style? :)

Shade of Whim said...

I am so glad I came by your blog today!! I'm your latest follower ;)

1. I'm a blogger (http://shadeofwhim.blogspot.com)

2. There are so many. I often visit coco and vera and design files. To be honest, I have a huge list of blogs I'm following and each of them give me something so different!

3. I would go to Greece and Cyprus. My partner and I have been talking about going back to visit family (most of, I haven't yet met).

Question for you:
How did you manage to get this number of followers?? I'm not that new to blogging but I'm now just trying to take it a little more seriously - and increase a following. My blog is about general/lifestyle and inspirational little things from design, fashion and food... I sometimes wonder how I have the 54 followers i do.... I can't imagine 500!! That'd be a great feeling! :)

CONGRATS on the following and I'm looking forward to your next post. Maria x

Marriage from Scratch said...

Congrats on 500, ky! Love you!!

Ben & Cassie said...

Tell us about your parents and growing up! So happy for your 500 milestone! Huge congrats!

Rhianna Nelson said...
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Rhianna Nelson said...

Congratulations on 500! That's an epic milestone :D

1. I am a blogger, who is still finding my ground between hipster iphone photos and creative writing :P thewildestofdreams.blogspot.com - come visit! :)

2. I read so many blogs!! adesertfete.blogspot.com was the first blog I got hooked on. I have no idea how I found it, but Jamie just seems like such a rad person. I also really enjoy reading daringcoco.blogspot.com and bleubird vintage :)

3. I'd love to go back to India, but that wouldn't be too costly so I'm thinking the US. Ever since I read On The Road I've wanted to road trip it across the States :D but it's so expensive getting there from Australia.

Now I wanna know where you'd go on an all expenses-paid trip?? Is that a cheat question? :P

Congratulations again! You're blog is quickly becoming one of my favourites (even more so now that I know you don't use an SLR, like me) :P