Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Creative DIY Wedding Ideas

Sometimes I decide I want to be a wedding planner. Then after contemplating it, I get scared of potential bridezillas. Really I just want more of my friends to get married so I can help them plan their weddings.

I so wish Pinterest had been around when I was planning mine. So much wonderful inspiration! I look at my wedding board all the time and wish I was planning some pretty event.
There are so many creative ways you can personalize and make your wedding (or any event!) special. Details make a huge difference. My absolute favorite weddings haven't been the big, over-the-top fancy ones, but the one's with precious details. Yeah, your chocolate fountain may be impressive (and delicious!), but I'd be way more excited by some simple, handmade touches.

{Psst.....see some of my wedding details here and here and here.}

Here are some of my favorite DIY wedding details that I would implement if I was planning a wedding right now.

1. Create unique table markers. This is seriously adorable. Totally unique, totally memorable. It looks a little challenging and time consuming, but if you had a small amount of tables it would be worth it, right? Check out the whole library-themed wedding here!

2. Use mason jars as drink glasses.  I ADORE this. Love the idea of adding labels so they don't get mixed up. So many sweet details went into this wedding. See more of it at Eat Drink Chic!

3. Wrap your favors in burlap.  Easy and inexpensive way to cute-ify whatever your favors are.  Yup, I'd be happy to get a lump of coal if it was wrapped in burlap. I'm easy to please. Image from Style Me Pretty.

4. Use mason jars everywhere and anywhere. There are so many clever uses for mason jars! They are clearly a wedding necessity. I can't imagine not using them for something if I was planning an event! Love how they are hanging here. Just make sure they are secure! See the whole wedding here.

5. Make a time capsule. This is brilliant! I totally wish I had done this. What a sweet thing to be able to look back on in the future and remind you of your special day. It would be even more awesome to write love letters to each other and add them too! Photo from Style Me Pretty.

6. Create a cozy photo area. How cool is that outdoor photo booth? All you need is to set up a backdrop, have a camera available, and let your friends go wild! This particular photo area wasn't even for a wedding. It was for this Thankful for Friends Party!


Courtney Lane - Blog said...

I just died. This is all so cute.

Courtney Lane

Fashion-isha said...

Okay I'm officially in love with you blog! Thanks so much for stopping by so I could find you. I am your newest follower...would love if you followed back!

I LOVE that tablesetting with the hanging candles!

Kelley Gilster said...

Although Bridezilla's are scary, they are far and few between :-) There are so many more wonderful brides out there. I say go for it!!

Ashleigh said...

I think your blog is so cute!! Thanks for following me - ps. I love mason jars to the 1millionth degree, I used them everywhere at our wedding!

xx Ashleigh

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I wish Pinterest had been around when I got married too. There are so many amazing ideas here. I love the time capsule idea.


Lauren Taddeo said...

These are all so lovely!

Melu103 said...

this is so cute!
i can never get enough of DIY project on
pinterest.. you get BEYOND addicted huh?

;) ill call you when it's time
to plan my wedding hehe


GiGi Reed said...

Love all the vintage-inspired ideas. Makes me want to do my wedding all over again! :)

Jenna@The Life of the Wife said...

Seriously where was Pinterest when I got married!!? It's not fair :) Love these ideas. I might have to repin them!


Beat of Sandra's Heart said...

Those DIY details really make the event feel more intimate!

BCshutterbug said...

There are some really neat ideas there! I love the book table markers, but I always cringe a little when I think of cutting book pages...even if their books I'm not fond of lol. But it would be very cool! The time capsule is an awesome idea too!

Beth said... of the ideas here especially the time capsule. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing these.

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Oh man, such CUTE IDEAS! I wish I could do over my wedding!

Shannon said...

Great DIY ideas. I love #3. Those are such adorable favors.

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

Well don't you have the cutest blog in the world? So glad I stopped by! I wish Pinterest was around when I was wedding planning as well, not fair! I am excited to keep reading, and am your newest follower :)

Salha said...

Lovely pictures! :)

P.s. U are welcome to check out my fashion blog anytime!

Amy said...

Your wedding was absolutely beautiful ... and even if you're not a wedding planner, I may be hitting up you and your mom for ideas some day when Kristen gets married.

The Sauls said...

New follower, stumbled across your page! Love all these ideas. I want to get married all over again just to plan the wedding :)

Paislea Elyse said...

i love this!!

allister bee blog

Bridget@Flour N Friends said...

These are so cute!! I had those straws at my wedding, except green..unfortunately they never got put out and I don't know what happened to them, yea I'm still bummed about it. :( We also had mason jars and plenty of burlap. I found your blog via Marriage from Scratch. So glad I found it..I love the blog, I'm your newest follower, I'd love it if you followed me back!

Lavonne Seaton said...

These are very cute wedding reception ideas! The mason jars d├ęcor are lovely! I like the cozy photobooth instead of the typical tarp background too. I think these concepts would suit well in a country or forest setting.

Lavonne Seaton

Cris Mic said...

Very creative ideas, surely I will use them in my wedding. Hey buddy can you post some more creative decoration ideas for wedding reception venue; especially for the night receptions.

Addison Conroy said...

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